I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai Syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Farewell 2012

My first year at Tawa Intermediate has been awesome . I'm really going to miss all the year 8's. I've made many friends. 

My highlight was definitely camping. I really enjoyed camping because it was a chance for us all to get to know each other. It was so much fun. It was sometimes really scary too but with the encouragement from my fellow class mates managed to do every single activity.

My lowlight is ending this year. I've loved being in this class room. I don't want to lose any of the friends I made. Especially because every one is purple cows in their own way and I'll  miss that the most them.

I'm really nervous about next year. I'm nervous because I won't have my year 8 friends to encourage and help me through every thing. Yes, this is a year I will remember forever.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wipe Out

Have you ever been to Dreamworld in Australia? Well I have and I'm going to tell about my cool experience. After all it's a well known theme park.

First my dad bought 4 tickets. One for himself, my mum, my cousin Samantha and me. I'm glad we got there early.

When I walked in all I could see was crowds of people. Towering over them were huge roller-coasters, giant drops and the wipeout. 

My cousin Samantha wanted to ride the wipeout. I told her "I'm scared  of heights". My dad told me to give it go ad close my eyes.

I did what was I told to do. I faced one of my biggest fears. I lined up still thinking I could suddenly fall of the ride and die.

It was soon time for Sam and I to get on the ride. "Creeeeeeeeeeek", there was no going back. We were in tight.

As the Wipeout started to move I squeezed Sam's. I shut my eyes tighter than I was strapped in.

"Aaaaah". I was screaming my head off, not really. Soon enough the ride stopped. I was so glad.

I was over the moon. "That wasn't so bad". My parents were glad I didn't waste money.

 Finally,  the day was over.  We all caught the bus back to our hotel.  It was great. 

That's the end. We had a fantastic day.  Maybe if you go there for a holiday   
you'll have a good time. You will also have wonderful  memories to share.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Camp 2012

On 23 of October, my fellow classmates and I caught the train to Masterton for our School Camp.  I must say the actual train ride from Wellington to Masterton was quite long because there were so many stops.  I didn't pay much attention to the scenery.

Our campsite awaited my fellow classmates and I.  When we arrived at the campsite all we could say was  " WOW".  The scenery was quite amazing. 

The first activity we did was the flying fox.  I put on a harness and off I went.  I felt the wind rushing through my hair and hitting my face, it was an incredible feeling but scary at the same time.

We also went caving on the same day.  Although I was so scared about the wetas and spiders I made it through and it wasn't that bad after all.

Dinner for the first night was burger and chips which we dipped in and prepared ourselves.   All of us had fun collecting firewood for our cooking.   Meat patties and potatoes were cooked over an open fire.   We  had sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and ready sliced cheese for fillings.  Our burgers and chips  were so delicious.

For the first night we all slept in tents.  I shared a tent with Ruby, Zoe, Manaia and Emma.  It was really warm that night.  We all wanted to get out of the tent and sleep outside but in the end we decided to stay put.

On Wednesday, we walked to Donelly Flats where we built our bivouacs.  I shared a bivouac with Eden, Shannon, Melissa and Emma.  We all had a great night of chat and laughter before we all fell asleep. 

Early Thursday morning, Reilly (our walking alarm clock) walked around all the bivouacs and woke everyone up by screaming " It's 7 'o' clock everybody, get up" even though it was actually  6 'o' clock in the morning.  We were all mad at him.  His punishment was to carry all the containers,  bread trays and of course his own luggage.

Later that day, we took a bus ride to our cabins .  Lily, Arielle, Ruby, Ryley, Zoe, Emma and I shared the 'Browne Cabin'.   

That night we went to Masterton pools.  It was so relaxing swimming in a warm pool.   We were allowed to take our shampoo, conditioner and soap so we could have a proper shower. 

Back at our cabin that night, I slept on the top bunk and thank God  I didn't fall off.  Matter of fact I slept pretty well knowing I had a good shower.  Oh yes I felt clean.

The next day was my birthday, the 26 October and by far the best day of camp.   Soon the news spread that it was my birthday so at breakfast my fellow classmates sung 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to me.  Thank you classmates.  I felt so special!   

After breakfast we did abseiling down a 30 metre wall.  I was so scared of falling but  I made it down the wall safely because I felt secure with my harness being tight and the encouragement from everybody at the bottom. 

To finish off the last day of the camp we did water rafting which I found very enjoyable.   I was so positive about jumping off the high rock until I got to the top and realised it was a long way down.  I wasn't sacred, I was petrified and horrified of the height but I made the leap into the icy cold water with my teacher's encouragement.   Thank you teacher! 

I felt  a little bit sad leaving the camp site behind but at the same time happy that I was going home to see my family.

The bus ride from Masterton to Wellington was long and sometimes scary because of the windy roads and high cliffs.  

Overall my camp experience was amazing.  I had  a great time and I'm sure everyone else did too.  I faced my fears and tried  every activity and I am truly proud of my effort.

I felt that this camp was very much like an adrenalin course.

Happy reading!


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mighty Lions

Today my Dad took me to see Wellington lions vs Taranaki live. We watched the game
in Westpac Stadium. It was awesome. The only downer was that the guy infront of us was
screaming his head of in the first half. The lasted the usual eighty minutes but it felt really
short, Dad said that was because it was live.

My Dad and I had a great time. As usual I took some photos and I really wanted to post
them on my blog.

Wellington lions won. the score was Wgtn 33 Tar 17.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Taupo Time

My family went to Taupo for a week.We go to Taupo twice every year. We own part of a timeshare called Ika Nui. Ika Nui means big fish in English.

On the first night I locked myself in the bathroom without knowing, luckily my Dad heard me screaming and told me to twist the lock. After that I felt really stupid and went to sleep. Don't worry I didn't do it again the next day.

  The next day my Dad and I walked to the market while my Mum went shopping. Taupo is quite small so you really need to drive while you are there. Because its small you can fnd shops easily, not acording to my Mum. She had trouble finding the Warehouse even though she has visited Taupo before.

On the same day we watched soldiers marching in a parade. I can't remember why there was a parade. It must have a pretty big reason for them to march around all the citys and towns in New Zealand.

My Mum is not keen on swimming so she only came to the pools once, as for my Dad and I well... lets just say we went more than once. My Dad and I went to De Bretts hot pools for a few hours. We love going swimming. My Dad and I walked along the beach. When we got to the end of the beach we found an all natural hot pool. We kept our feet in that for a while. Our feet told us they had been in there for about an hour so we decided to walk back to our timeshare and relax there. On the ride back to Wellington my Mum and I took some photos of two mountains. I can't remember all the names.They looked beautiful when covered in snow.
All in all we had another great time in Taupo. So great we didn't want to come back but we knew we had to come back in order to earn more money so that we could come back. I recomend maybe going to Taupo for a holiday. You'll have many grand memories about spending time with your family friends

Monday, 24 September 2012

Outlook for Someday reflections

My movie is about people cutting down rainforest. I got the idea from people cutting down trees. I worked by myself on this project and it was hard but I got there in the end. I entered my movie in the outlook for someday movie contest. I might not win but what matters most is I did my best.

These are my reflections:
Something that I learned from this project that I did not know before was that some people are actually trying to save the rain-forests. I thought people didn't really care so I made movie. 

I learned about managing my time. I was stressing on the last few days because I couldn't manage my time.  

The part of this project that was most challenging for me was signing the contracts, it was very hard. I thought it wouldn't take long but it did. That was really challenging.  

The part of this project I found most rewarding was finishing and seeing it being sent off was most rewarding for me. I enjoyed that the most.

The thing I need to improve on the most is definitely my time management. I'm really bad at managing my time. That is what I should work on.  

The thing I found that I am really good at is I am quite good at the voice overs. I'm good because I have a loud and clear voice.  

If I had to do another Outlook for Someday movie, the things I would do differently are: I would do more research. So that there is more information on my movie.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

My Love For Art

I have many dreams and one of them is to become an artist and get one of my paintings in a fancy museum.
One of  my favourite things to do in my spare time is art. I love doing abstract art the most. It's my way of expressing myself on a canvas because my life is all over the place.

 I want everyone to know that you should work towards your dreams, never say never and believe in yourself