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Friday, 13 April 2012

The Grand Air Show

The photographer in action

On 31st March,my family and I went to the Ohakea Air Force base air show.We drove there in my Dad's purple fordfalcon. Kids get in for free  and adults cost $10.00.There was a huge traffic jam so my Dad suggested to drive to Bulls for breakfast, on the way my Dad realised how long the traffic was and took the next turn to get in to the base. As soon as I got in the base it's self , there were walls of people everywhere.We took lots of photos , some turned out better than others. My Dad and I went in to some planes to have a nosey and see what it's like to be in one.My favourite plane to look at was the French plane because it was a short wait and it had strechers that you could lie down in.It's times like this when you really appreciate civil defence and defence force and understand why they need donations. At lunchtime,there were lots of ques for food and so many food stands to choose from. We had to choose what we wanted,  we chose... Kebabs and chips. Yum yum yum that was beautiful.then it was time to take more pictures of jetts. WOW that was amazing.PPPPPOOOOOUUUUUKKKKKK!that was the jetts sounded like(but way louder). Just before we left my Dad and I went on an excting and bumpy ride on a steam tractor.I really enjoyed myself that  day.It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to next time. 

As my Mum takes a picture, I salute to the pilots.


I'm one hot mess

Aaah my Dad and I, great times

After all places I chose to take a rest in the bucket of the digger

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