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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Day With My Dad

As you know, school has finished and the holidays are here. Yesterday my dad and I went out to ... you guessed it, Wellington. First we walked to the cable car on Lambton Quay. Then walked along the warf and gazed at an old ferry's mast, the name of the ferry was Wahine. Just a few metres away was a moari arts gallery and thats where I bought a beautiful paua ring and a stunning green necklace. Next my dad and I took a long stroll along the sandy beach (Wellington harbour). I tried hard to take it all in. It was all just so beautiful. We watched a new movie called "Snow white & the huntsman", I reckon it was a pretty good movie but it was not what I'm used to watching. On my way to the train station I stared at a tall yet wide building named "the beehive". I rode on a lion next to the cenotaph, I think the lion was tired because he was not fast at all. We took the train back to tawa and told my mum all about our time in Welly Wood. Well if you haven't realised it yet I have had an epic journey. I enjoyed my self and so did my dad.

You know those times when you go out with your family and feel embarassed this is not and I repeat not one of these times, instead it's one of those times when you are proud of who you are and you are not afraid to show it. As well as that it is one of those special moment you will remember forever.  

Wahine's mast
Damn, I wish I could go back and buy

All the greenstones

Wellington harbour
Sandy beach

The executive wing


Hhmmm, is this the right train?

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  1. Kia ora Nicole

    I love your holiday post. It sounds like you had a busy day. Some of those things I need to experience.

    The thing that made me happiest about what you shared was your comment about how proud you felt and enjoyed every minute of your day. Yes, cherish your time with loved ones and tuck them away to make you smile in the future. I still have fond memories with my family as a child and I use them to feel good when I'm missing them.

    The photos are neat too. See you tomorrow.

    Ms T x


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