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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hells Kitchen - Hot Chilli Mince Wraps

As part of my homework for this term I chose to prepare a simple yet tasty meal for my family which I called “Hot Chilli Mince Wraps” with garlic bread for appetizer, tropical style salad for the side dish and cream doughnut with ice cream for dessert.

Garlic Bread
Main - Hot Chilli Mince Wraps
Seasoned with paprika, crushed garlic, salt and pepper
Topped with cream and a squeeze of lemon juice
Bazaar Wrap filling
Grated carrots, capsicum, red onion
Tropical Salad Course
Baby greens with oranges, capsicum and red onion
Seasoned with salt and pepper
Topped with a squeeze of lemon juice
Cream doughnut with ice cream

Prepping the appetizer


Prepping the veges

Still prepping the veges

Cooking the beef mince

Looking good

Order up

Tropical Style Salad

Hot Chilli Mince

Dishing up

Cream doughnut and ice cream


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