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Friday, 12 October 2012

Taupo Time

My family went to Taupo for a week.We go to Taupo twice every year. We own part of a timeshare called Ika Nui. Ika Nui means big fish in English.

On the first night I locked myself in the bathroom without knowing, luckily my Dad heard me screaming and told me to twist the lock. After that I felt really stupid and went to sleep. Don't worry I didn't do it again the next day.

  The next day my Dad and I walked to the market while my Mum went shopping. Taupo is quite small so you really need to drive while you are there. Because its small you can fnd shops easily, not acording to my Mum. She had trouble finding the Warehouse even though she has visited Taupo before.

On the same day we watched soldiers marching in a parade. I can't remember why there was a parade. It must have a pretty big reason for them to march around all the citys and towns in New Zealand.

My Mum is not keen on swimming so she only came to the pools once, as for my Dad and I well... lets just say we went more than once. My Dad and I went to De Bretts hot pools for a few hours. We love going swimming. My Dad and I walked along the beach. When we got to the end of the beach we found an all natural hot pool. We kept our feet in that for a while. Our feet told us they had been in there for about an hour so we decided to walk back to our timeshare and relax there. On the ride back to Wellington my Mum and I took some photos of two mountains. I can't remember all the names.They looked beautiful when covered in snow.
All in all we had another great time in Taupo. So great we didn't want to come back but we knew we had to come back in order to earn more money so that we could come back. I recomend maybe going to Taupo for a holiday. You'll have many grand memories about spending time with your family friends

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