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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wipe Out

Have you ever been to Dreamworld in Australia? Well I have and I'm going to tell about my cool experience. After all it's a well known theme park.

First my dad bought 4 tickets. One for himself, my mum, my cousin Samantha and me. I'm glad we got there early.

When I walked in all I could see was crowds of people. Towering over them were huge roller-coasters, giant drops and the wipeout. 

My cousin Samantha wanted to ride the wipeout. I told her "I'm scared  of heights". My dad told me to give it go ad close my eyes.

I did what was I told to do. I faced one of my biggest fears. I lined up still thinking I could suddenly fall of the ride and die.

It was soon time for Sam and I to get on the ride. "Creeeeeeeeeeek", there was no going back. We were in tight.

As the Wipeout started to move I squeezed Sam's. I shut my eyes tighter than I was strapped in.

"Aaaaah". I was screaming my head off, not really. Soon enough the ride stopped. I was so glad.

I was over the moon. "That wasn't so bad". My parents were glad I didn't waste money.

 Finally,  the day was over.  We all caught the bus back to our hotel.  It was great. 

That's the end. We had a fantastic day.  Maybe if you go there for a holiday   
you'll have a good time. You will also have wonderful  memories to share.

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